Tough choice to make on new capital city’s location: VP

Jakarta Vice President M. JusufKalla admitted to it being no easy task to decide on an apt location for the new capital city since 10 pre-requisites had to be met.

“A decision had yet to be taken based on meeting 10 specific criteria agreed upon and put forth by Bappenas (the National Development Planning Board). The requirements are stringent and making a choice is not easy task,” Kalla remarked here on Tuesday.

Among the conditions are the place being strategically located in the heart of Indonesia; its populace being highly tolerant; carrying the least risk of natural disasters; and having no less than 60 thousand hectares of vacant area.

“It could be in Kalimantan or Sulawesi. Sulawesi Island is, for instance, located in the heart, but the only drawback is the absence of a vacant and ready area. Although a ready location is in sight, but it has risky faults,” Kalla explained.

In the meantime, the government held the first cabinet meeting on Monday to hold discussions on the plan to shift the capital city.

A huge plan should be in place for moving the capital city. The government favors the plan on moving the capital city outside Java Island on the basis of various grounds.

“At the limited (cabinet) meeting, the president (took the decision) on moving the capital city to outside Java,” National Development Planning Minister/Head of BappenasBambangBrodjonegoro remarked after the meeting at the Presidential office.

Brodjonegoro noted that the Bappenas had suggested three options on relocating the capital city, with the first being to not change the capital city of Jakarta though relocating the government offices around the Presidential Palace and the National Monument (Monas) areas.

The second option was relocating the capital city to regions in proximity to Jakarta, such as Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, or Bekasi, while the third alternative was moving it outside Java Island.

“The point is if it remains in Java Island, moreover, near Jakarta, it will not lessen the burden on Java Island and also not drive Indonesia-centric development, but rather solely strengthen Java Island,” he explained.

Some 40 thousand hectares along with Rp466 trillion, or some US$33 billion, are needed for a new capital city outside Java.

This decision will also entail the migration of some 1.5 million people constituting civil servants of different ministries and state institutions, legislative and judiciary officers, as well as military and police officers, among others.

Source: Antara News