Tomang Fire Victims Receive Logistic Aid

Tomang Urban Village Head, Bambang Edi Kusuma stated that his side has distributed logistic aid to fire victims of three RWs, Tomang Urban Village, Grogol, Petamburan, West Jakarta.

“We have distributed blanket, clothes, pampers, and foods,” he informed, Tuesday (1/22).

According to him, food supplies in public kitchen are enough for the victims’ needs. So he deployed 172 Jumantik cadres to cook for their breakfast.

“West Jakarta Social Sub-department distributes 1,251 lunch boxes for their lunch,” he conveyed.

His side has coordinated with PLN to restore electricity in residential area because previously it was turned off to minimize short circuit due to wet cables.

Based on information, there are 103 children at school age from elementary to senior high school.

“Tonight, we distribute uniforms and school supplies for children who stay at shelter,” he mentioned.

Source: Berita Jakarta