TNI should maintain stability, security: Wiranto

Bandung, (ANTARA News) – Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security Wiranto said that soldiers of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) must maintain the stability of state security WHILE entering the 2019 political year.

“Their main task, except fighting the enemy, is also to help the police to help secure this country,” Wiranto stated, when giving a briefing at the Danrem-Dandim in Pussenif, Bandung, on Tuesday.

He noted that the role of the TNI and Indonesian police (Polri) was very central in securing various and important national agendas. The stability of national security has an impact on the smooth running of political activities in 2019.

“We emphasized their role (TNI) in also helping the police deal with national security issues,” he added.

He claimed to have mapped out areas prone to electoral conflicts. The level of vulnerability varies in all areas that have been identified.

Wiranto gave an example that the vulnerability index in Papua would be different from that in Aceh, as well as in Jakarta. From the results of the mapping, the government seeks to reduce the potential for conflict.

“The vulnerability is there, but we only have to carry out certain operations, so that conflicts can decrease next year,” he remarked.

The mapping index is prone to conflict, and its resolution efforts have been applied to the simultaneous regional elections in 2018. The result, he revealed, was that there was no significant political turmoil in an area.

“Last year, there were conflicts, but we could neutralize it, making the conditions very conducive,” he pointed out.

Source: ANTARA News