Three points to be prioritized while entering industrial revolution 4.0

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia should prioritize three important points while entering the Industrial Revolution 4.0, according to the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII).

PII Chairman A. Hermanto Dardak explained here on Friday that the first point necessitates Indonesia to identify elements in all fields that should use automation to make the production process more efficient, effective, and fast.

According to Dardak, the second priority is to ensure that smart technology can connect all devices and must identify where Indonesia is best prepared, while the third point highlights the need to prepare human resources, as they are an important capital while entering the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

“Indonesia has considerable human resources that must be utilized as capital. Hence, the capital is not only from investment but also human capital for growth. If we have competitive human resources, then we can fill all elements to offer significant added value,” he noted after attending the 21st PII Congress and National Dialog.

This PII Congress and National Dialogue is one of the strategic steps taken in launching the road map to make Indonesia rank among the top 10 economies in the world in 2030.

Industry experts can use this roadmap to understand the governments steps to face the Industrial Era 4.0 that will focus on five priority sectors: food and beverage, textile and clothing, automotive, electronic, and chemical.

Source: ANTARA News