Thousands flee flooded homes in C Sulawesis Tolitoli

Palu, C Sulawesi (ANTARA News) – A flash flood, triggered by heavy rains, forced thousands of residents in Tolitoli city in Central Sulawesi province to evacuate to higher grounds on Saturday.

By 09.30 p.m. local time, many residents had fled their flooded home to save themselves, spokesperson for the Tolitoli District Social Service Office Asmita said by phone.

The flood inundated almost all residential areas in the capital of Tolitoli district, known as the largest clove producer in the province, she said.

Saturdays flood was the largest among those affecting the city for the past few years, she added.

In Tuweley area, houses were submerged till their roofs by flood water.

My friends who lived in the area have evacuated with only the clothes that they wore. “Nothing could be taken from their houses,” she stated.

The flash flood followed days of heavy rains falling on the city.

The flood has led to power cuts too.

Personnel of the local social service office and disaster mitigation board have also been trying to evacuate flood victims to higher grounds.

By Saturday night, heavy rains, coupled with strong winds, still fell on Tolitoli district.

There was no immediate report of casualties.

Source: Antara News