This Year, Small Renovation to Be Done in Eight Flats

This year, eight flats are planned to get small renovation. Those flats are Pinus Elok Flat, Semper Flat, Tambora Flat, Marunda Flat, Daan Mogot Flat, Rawa Buaya Flat, Komarudin Flat, and Rawa Bebek Flat.

Jakarta Housing and Settlement (PRKP) Department Head, Kelik Indriyanto conveyed, small renovation is done to repair minor damage due to age factor of the building.

“We need to repair it soon thus residents could feel comfortable and safe,” he mentioned, Monday (2/4).

He is about to hold auction when his side has completed Detail Engineering Design (DED) for the renovation.

“We have allocated Rp 77.4 billion to renovate those flats. Our target is to start renovation in July,” he explained.

For information, PRKP Department has conducted small renovation in 14 flats in 2017 and 10 flats in 2018.

“Every year, we gradually renovate flats which are under PRKP Department’s management,” he added.

Source: Berita Jakarta