This Year, Road Improvement to Be Done in 17 Locations in Central Jakarta

This year, road improvement is planned to be done in 17 locations in Central Jakarta using concrete system.

” We plan to concrete 18,679 square meters area in total”

Central Jakarta Bina Marga Sub-department Head, Sukowibowo mentioned 17 locations that will be concreted: Jalan Kartini V Dalam, Jalan Kartini VI, Jalan Kartini VIII A, Jalan Fajar Raya, Jalan Laksana (continuation), Jalan Kartini VIII Dalam, Jalan Kartini VIII C, Jalan Kartini VII, Jalan Kartini VII Dalam, Jalan Kalibaru Timur Gang 6, Jalan Pembangunan I Dalam, Jalan Kebon Kosong, Jalan Harapan Mulia III, Jalan Spoor IV, Jalan F III, Jalan Cempaka Baru Barat, and Pors Raya Field.

“We plan to concrete 18,679 square meters area in total,” he informed, Tuesday (2/26).

Currently, his side is still waiting for local catalog that is usually published by Jakarta Good and Service Procurement Service (BPPBJ) to process this road improvement project.

He estimates road improvement project to start in April 2019. He also explained that road improving project usually takes about three months to complete.

Source: Berita Jakarta