The destination of Piaynemo Raja Ampat has been reopened

Sorong (ANTARA) – The management of the Piaynemo tourism office, Raja Ampat District, West Papua Province has reopened the tourist destination on April 18, 2019.

Chairman of a non-government organization which manages the Piaynemo Tourism Management, Brian Fakdawer, in Sorong, Thursday, said the tourist destination of Piaynemo was closed on April 17 for the smooth implementation of the 2019 election.

He explained, the Piaynemo tourist destination was only closed one day on April 17 during the election

and April 18 this destination was reopened for tourist visits.

According to him, the closing of the Piaynemo tourist destination was a form of support for local tourism managers to the success of the national election agenda.

In addition, he said, this tourist attraction was closed so that destination managers could come to polling stations in their respective villages to channel their voting rights during the election.

The manager has issued a circular to all tourism stakeholders, especially travel agencies, homestay, resorts, and cruise ships, telling that the Piaynemo destination has been reopened.

“We express our gratitude to all tourism operators in Raja Ampat who have followed the circular so that the election runs smoothly,” he said again.

Source: ANTARA News