Ten organizations receive Red Ribbon Award for work on AIDS

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Ten community-based organizations have won the 2014 Red Ribbon Award for their work in reducing the impact of the AIDS epidemic, according to the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

These organizations were presented the prize at the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) in Melbourne, Australia, which is taking place from 20 to 25 July.

On Monday, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, congratulated the winners who come from ten different countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guyana and Indonesia.

Mr Sidibé explained that in villages across the globe, communities have taken matters into their own hands and come up with innovative solutions to problems he said often appear “insurmountable”.

Furthermore, speaking on Sunday at the opening ceremony, he said 2014 is a time to be bold.

Over the last 20 years, activists, researchers and policymakers have united at this international conference to bring hope and extend life to millions of people. AIDS 2014 call on us to be bold. Today I am calling for ending AIDS by 2030.

Globally, the AIDS response has averted 10 million new infections since 2002 and avoided more than 7 million deaths.

Today, almost 14 million people are on life-saving HIV treatment.

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations.

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