Tebet And Lalu Lintas Parks Will Be Arranged Soon

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, visited the Tebet Park (previously called as Honda Park) and Lalu Lintas Park that is still in one area in Tebet, South Jakarta.

Based on beritajakarta.id, in Tebet Park, Anies who came wearing a white shirt also got greetings by residents who were in the park.

While looking at the corners of the park, he gave a direct briefing to the newly appointed Jakarta Forestry Dept. Head, Susi Marsitawati.

He asserted that Honda Park naming did not exist anymore but changed to Tebet Park. Moreover the its name does not reflect its management.

“This park is managed and built by the government for its citizens. We’ll rearrange to make it more comfortable,” he expressed, Thursday (1/3).

By so it would be a unity between Tebet Park, either in the north and south with Lalu Lintas Park.

“We get positive feedback about them calling it as Lalu Lintas Park, but actually everything is one unit of Tebet Park,” he uttered.

Jakarta Provincial Government also intends to fins solution to reduce rotten smell from the waste temporary disposal site at the park.

“Tebet Park will be a pilot. Insya Allah (God willing), we’ll arrange the park for our people as soon as possible,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta