Sudinpusip Educates Residents How to Archive Important Documents

South Jakarta Library and Archive Sub-department (Sudinpusip) socialized residents about the proper way to keep their civil documents and securities. This activity was done at Belimbing Children-Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA) in Pasar Minggu.

South Jakarta Sudinpusip’s Archive Section Staff, Hery Sumantri mentioned that his side still finds many people who don’t archive their important documents in a proper way.

“We give socialization to 30 parents who escort their children in storytelling event at this RPTRA. Apparently, many of them haven’t archive well their important documents such as house certificate, family card (KK), birth certificate, diploma certificate, BPKB, and others,” he said, Tuesday (3/19).

Thus he reminded them that important documents, especially that related with civil documentation, should be archived in one folder without making holes on the files or even laminating it.

“I suggest you to take care of your family’s important documents by archiving it in one place or folder thus you can quickly secure your documents when there are disasters such as fire, flood, or earthquake,” he explained.

One of the participants, Ayu Noor Salihah (30) admitted that she just found out that documents shouldn’t be laminated.

“I just know it now that we shouldn’t laminate e-ID card (KTP), KK, diploma certificates and other important certificates. This socialization is very important to make us pay more attention in storing important documents such as civil documents,” she expressed.

Source: Berita Jakarta