Steel Export Potential Increases

JAKARTA. The Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) sees opportunities for steel exports to grow. Because the stainless steel steel factory in the Morowali Industrial Estate, Central Sulawesi, still has expansion space.

Morowali has a smelter with a production capacity of 2 million tons of nickel pig iron per year and a factory of 3.5 million tons of stainless steel per year. In 2017, the export value reached US $ 2 billion, up to US $ 3.5 billion in 2018.

The Ministry of Industry targets, in the future the area will be able to produce 4 million tons of stainless steel per year. If the target is achieved, Indonesia will become the second largest steel producer in the world or the equivalent of production in the European region. The government also directs domestic steel production in the development of high value-added products. “For example, to meet the needs of the automotive, shipping and railway sectors so that we no longer need imports,” said Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation and Electronics (ILMATE) Industry Ministry Harjanto in a press statement on Monday (1/28).

Source: Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia