State prepared to tackle hepatitis, no need for panic: Governor Kamil

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During a visit to Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS), Bandung, West Java, on Monday, Governor M. Ridwan Kamil urged citizens to not worry about acute hepatitis, saying the state is ready to handle it.

“I report that there have not been any (acute hepatitis cases) in West Java, and we hope there will not be. People are urged to not worry,” he said.

“We already experienced rise and fall from the COVID-19 pandemic. Maintain cleanliness starting from our own, families, and communities,” he added.

During his visit to the hospital, Kamil inspected several facilities, including the laboratory, which have been prepared to anticipate cases of mysterious acute hepatitis.

“I checked and they are ready. They even have the latest molecular technology,” he informed.

The government has formed a health expert team to prepare accurate scenarios in case acute hepatitis infections emerge, he said.

The West Java provincial government has already prepared rooms at RSHS in case there are people who contract acute hepatitis.

“Based on the record, it (acute hepatitis) targets infants to children 16 years of age. We do not know why it targets this demographic, but that is what the statistics show,” Kamil informed.

“The key to preventing infectious hepatitis is healthy living. If the infection occurs through breathing, wear a mask, maintain distance, avoid crowds, and do not exchange eating utensils,” he added.

Moreover, if there are sick family members, limit interactions with them, he advised.

The governor also assured that COVID-19 handling in West Java is under control.

The hospital occupancy in West Java for COVID-19 is only 0.8 percent. Currently, the number of active cases in West Java is pegged at 1,500, which is far below the hundreds of thousands of cases recorded during the peak period, the governor informed.

On average, many people have recovered, which is proven by the fact that, at Hasan Sadikin Hospital, there are only three children and four adults who are undergoing treatment for COVID-19, he added.

Source: Antara News