State-owned Ministry to blacklist rogue business partners: Thohir


Minister of State-owned Enterprises Erick Thohir highlighted the purpose of creating a blacklist to block rogue partners from conducting business with state companies and create a healthy business ecosystem.

“Cooperation between state companies and partners is the key. Hence, we need to establish a blacklist against rogue partners because I do not want state-owned companies to be the medium of corruption. It is tiring to fix this issue,” Thohir noted in his statement here on Tuesday.

The minister then lauded the awarding event for state company partners as the right platform to laud business partners that have supported state-owned enterprises.

“Before punishing (rogue partners), we must first praise our partners. Apart from lauding our best partners, we also need to detect problematic partners to improve state-owned enterprises. If we want to be a global player, then transparency and professionalism must be our business principles,” Thohir noted.

The minister offered an equal platform for state-owned enterprises and business partners to collaborate effectively to bolster state companies’ performance on the global stage.

“This is what I offer, and God Willing, (everyone) will welcome our offer,” he remarked.

The minister noted that the main points that were praiseworthy about state-owned enterprises partners were the win-win business relations between state and private companies to push state firms to become global companies and to give priority to domestic-made products.

“State-owned enterprises must also have transparent and professional partners. We could not when we reach the global stage and have consolidated our domestic-made component level to have a substandard business partner,” Thohir remarked.

Business partners should provide positive contributions while cooperating with state companies through the implementation of proper business conduct, high support for domestic-made product component requirements, and mutually symbiotic business relations, he noted.

Source: Antara News