Sri Mulyani remembers Ani Yudhoyono as a diligent figure

Singapura (ANTARA) – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani fondly recalled Ani Yudhoyono as a diligent figure, who remained heedful of the people’s aspirations during the sixth Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s administration.

“As a wife, she always diligently made notes of the people’s aspirations heard during the president’s visits,” Mulyani noted in Singapore on Saturday.

Ani Yudhoyono had constantly reminded her husband regarding matters that necessitated prompt response.

She also dressed immaculately and appeared prim and proper on all occasions. “She was a mother figure, who give rigidity to a family,” she pointed out.

Mulyani also recalled Ani Yudhoyono as being an energetic figure, who never appeared tired.

She also mentioned that aas husband and wife, Yudhoyono and Ani were always in harmony.

Mulyani recalled a time at the Bogor Palace when the former president sang while playing the guitar that Ani Yudhoyono appeared to enjoy.

“Mrs Ani Yudhoyono engages with affection,” she stated.

Source: Antara News