Spokesman confirms improvement in health of four coronavirus patients

Jakarta The health condition of four coronavirus patients treated in isolation rooms of the Sulianti Saroso Infectious Disease Hospital in Jakarta has shown improvement, according to the government.

A spokesman for coronavirus handling Achmad Yurianto stated here on Saturday that patients 1 and 2 will be returned home after their laboratory test result comes negative for presence of coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Case 1 and 2 will undergo another laboratory test, and if they test negative (for coronavirus), they can be discharged from the hospital,” he revealed.

He explained that normal body temperature was recorded for case 3 and 4, and the symptoms of cold and cough had shown signs of easing.

Yurianto revealed that treatment would be ongoing for the four patients and the health condition of the third and fourth patients is expected to improve further.

“Hopefully, after further medical treatment, the two patients, cases 3 and 4, will recover,” he remarked.

Patient 1 contracted the virus after she made close contact with a Japanese citizen, who had later tested positive for coronavirus, in a dance club on February 14.

As of Saturday, 11 suspected coronavirus patients are isolated in some hospitals in the country. However, Yurianto did not furnish details on the hospitals they were treated.

Source: Antara News