South Sumatra government urges people to utilize Asian Games event

Palembang, S Sumatra, (ANTARA News) – The Provincial Government of South Sumatra has invited all sections of society to benefit from the Asian Games, as international sport activities can boost the peoples economy.

“The Asian Games can boost the economy, so it should be utilized as optimally as possible,” Assistant Governor and Community Welfare Secretary of South Sumatra Ahkmad Najib stated here on Thursday.

Furthermore, he noted that the international sports event becomes a major driver of the economy, so people should be able to utilize the momentum.

Selling souvenirs and typical culinary delicacies of the area can be an opportunity to improve the welfare of the people, he stated.

According to Najib, the number of domestic and foreign visitors to Palembang will increase after the Asian Games event concludes.

The provincial government has invited the community to participate in the sports event in which 45 countries will participate.

Earlier, Governor of South Sumatra Alex Noerdin had urged the public to utilize this opportunity optimally that could have a positive impact on economic growth.

In addition to the economic impact, it is expected that development in this area will create jobs in Palembang and other regions of South Sumatra Province.

Source: ANTARA News