Social gap alarming: VP Kalla

Vice President M. Jusuf Kalla has said that the social gap among communities in Indonesia has reached such an alarming level that the government must pay attention to it.

“In general, the nation is facing a gap which has become a yellow light for all of us. Meaning, it should be corrected,” the Vice President said when opening the Indonesian Property Expo at the Jakarta Convention Center, Saturday.

In urban areas, the social gap is widening, while in rural areas it is narrowing, he added.

One of the indicators of the social gap in cities is property ownership.

“In rural areas, it (the gap) is not too visible, as everyone has almost similar houses. But in cities like Jakarta, poverty is in fact visible,” he said.

The property disparity is seen in certain areas of Jakarta where luxurious houses are located, while in river banks, there are people living in crowded slum areas, he added.

The state-owned bank BTN, the National Housing Company (Perumnas), and private property developers could provide adequate houses for the community, he hoped.

“There will be a government regulation regarding this for a wise and proper implementation. The government wants to see a balanced and even growth,” he said.

The government will improve policies and economy to curb the social gap, he said.

“A grave social gap in public housing is happening. It should be corrected, or otherwise it will create serious social problems to this nation,” Kalla stated.

Source: Antara News