Sexual Crimes Bill passage highlights women’s spirit, fight: lawmaker

Human Rights

Passage of the Sexual Crimes Prevention Bill into law on Tuesday reflected the spirit and fight of Indonesian women, especially sexual violence victims, according to House and RUU TPKS work committee member Christina Aryani.

“This is the gift for the women’s struggles throughout Indonesia, especially the victims of sexual violence. With this bill passed, the step of fighting for the aspirations of Indonesian women and society became brighter,” Aryani stated here on Tuesday.

At the plenary meeting session in Jakarta on Tuesday, the House of Representatives approved the Sexual Crimes Prevention Bill, or RUU TPKS, to be passed into law.

According to Aryani, the bill has been through lengthy and dynamic discussions until it finally entered the approval stage, thereby being commendable of the Indonesian women’s struggle.

She explained that the stages of discussing the bill had gone well, wherein public participation had gone optimally, and the society had kept observing until the end.

The RUU TPKS had been through a tough patch since 2016, but owing to the persistence and consistency of the people, the House, and the government, discussions on the bill could be moved forward, Aryani highlighted.

“This is a reward for the persistence of that fight. Later, on April 21, we will celebrate Kartini Day (Women’s Emancipation Day), and this RUU TPKS will be the most beautiful gift for all Indonesian women,” she remarked.

According to Aryani, the dynamics of the RUU TPKS discussions were also interesting and she was pleased that the process had run smoothly and constructively, as the work committee had striven hard until the bill was decided to be approved into law.

“We appreciate each of the steps, and of course, the discussion of the RUU TPKS is a milestone of (legal) protection, especially for the sexual violence victims, who have been waiting for legal protection,” she remarked.

Source: Antara News