Setu Babakan PBB Sells Betawi Batik

Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village (PBB), Jagakarsa, South Jakarta sells various beautiful Betawi Batik. This batik is made by local artisans who are trained and assisted by Setu Babakan PBB Management Unit.

As Betawi Culture Development and Preservation Center since 2016, Setu Babakan PBB should continue preserving Betawi cultures and arts by improving Betawi product’s quality and its marketing.

Syabikun Arief, Setu Babakan PBB Management Unit Head said to have 12 employees who have different roles in making Betawi Batik such as in creating the pattern, painting, thickening the color, and selling the products.

“We produce stamped batik (batik cap) and hand-drawn batik (batik tulis). Its price varies between Rp 137-375 thousand for stamped batik and Rp 750 thousand until tens million for hand-drawn batik. It also depends on cloth material and difficulty in making it,” he explained, Tuesday (3/19).

Setu Babakan PBB now can obtain Rp 15-23 millions per month from Betawi Batik selling. Formerly, it was under Rp 10 million per month.

“We hope our existence can help preserving Betawi cultures and arts,” he mentioned.

Source: Berita Jakarta