Setu Babakan PBB Beautified Using Decorative Lights

South Jakarta Industry and Energy (PE) Sub-dept. decorates Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village (PBB) using decorative lights. Generator set and several personnel are deployed to support New Year’s Eve event that will be held in this location.

South Jakarta PE Sub-dept.’s City Lighting Section Head, Samsul Hidayat said, Setu Babakan PBB will be decorated with 600 meters rope lights and flexi lights, then also 25 meteor lights. 8 PE personnel are also deployed to stand-by during New Year’s Eve event in Setu Babakan.

“Decorative lights are installed on 18 trees in Setu Babakan PBB. Two spotlights with capacity 450 watts will be also installed in there. Moreover, generator set with capacity 80 KVA will be also prepared on the location today,” he mentioned, Monday (12/31).

19 trees in South Jakarta Mayor office will be also decorated with 500 meters of rope lights and flexi lights. Another 25 meteor lights will be also installed to beautify the area.

“In order to make it more beautiful, we will install four mayang lights on South Jakarta Mayor office’s yard. Besides, we will also deploy two ladder cars to patrol and ensure no broken lights on the location,” he explained.

Source: Berita Jakarta