Security at vital infrastructure to be improved

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Security at all vital infrastructure, including airports, seaports, and bus terminals, will be evaluated and upgraded in order to take precautions against possible terror attacks, National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) Chief Commissioner General Suhardi Alius stated.

“We have to evaluate airports in Indonesia, especially international airports, as well as seaports to improve security since such places are targeted by terrorism,” Alius remarked here on Tuesday.

He made the statement after the signing of a memorandum of understanding between BNPT and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to take precautionary measures against the occurrence of terror attacks on vital national infrastructure in the energy sector.

With regard to increasing security of vital infrastructure, Alius has appealed to the community to not violate the rules and standard operating procedures that have been applied, for instance, at airports.

“Locations at airports where officers frequent must also be closely watched. This rule must be followed, as otherwise, it could be an opportunity for terrorists to gain entry,” Alius noted.

On a separate occasion, the BNPT chief said the nation, state, and citizens must be involved in the efforts to combat terrorism since its threat being faced by the Indonesian people will never subside.

Alius noted that Indonesias vast geographical spread raises the potential threat of terrorism.

According to the BNPT chief, the dynamics of the strategic environment at the regional and global level coupled with rapid developments in information technology have led to the phenomenon of old forms of terrorism evolving into more complex ones

The threat of terrorism in the former era was more local, but nowadays, terror networks have manifested themselves in regional and even global networks.

Furthermore, the BNPT chief stated that the process of radicalization and indoctrination, which once occurred through closed cells and clear command lines, is now more open with the emergence of the phenomenon of “lone wolf” without network and command line.

Combating terrorism, especially to free Indonesia from the menace, not only requires cross-sectoral synergies but also national collaboration involving all components from diverse backgrounds.

“National synergy, through the participation of all elements of society, to combat terrorism is very important to realize a peaceful Indonesia in the framework of diversity,” Alius affirmed.

Source: Antara News