Sebira Island, Popular Among Anglers as a Good Spot for Fishing

Sebira Island is popular for its fishing spot. Locals and tourists who want to fish usually come to Sebira Island Urban Village of Harapan Island, North Thousand Islands.

Yudi, residents of Pramuka Island who often visits Sebira Island to fish gives recommendation for anglers who visit the island for rabbitfish to fish near the pier.

“But if you want to fish mackerel, you can set the bait between middle and deep sea,” he conveyed, Saturday (3/16).

North Thousand Islands’ Harapan Island Urban Village Council, Abidin stated, visitors from outside Sebira Islands can visit the island by riding passengers boat that is provided by Jakarta Transportation Department (Dishub). He hopes this sea transport can encourage more tourists to visit and enjoy various tourist destinations in Sebira Island, especially fishing tour.

“Around 10-15 anglers in a group or individually often visit the island every Saturday. Some of them also buy food souvenirs such as salted fish and fish crackers,” he added.

He hopes seafood processed foods can be promoted more intensively in the future to increase local people’s economy.

Source: Berita Jakarta