Sebira Island Now Has Access To Electricity For 24 Hours

Since early January 2019, kWh meter units have been installed in 170 houses in Sebira Islands, Harapan Island Urban Village, North Thousand Islands. Now Sebira Islands has access to electricity for 24 hours.

“Since kWh meters installed in early January, Sebira Island residents have access to electricity for 24 hours,” said Murta’a, Harapan Island Urban Village Head, Tuesday (1/15).

According to him, residents need electricity to pack their homemade products such as fish chips, salted fish, and to make ice cubes.

Seribu Islands Industry and Energy Sub-department Head, Melinda Sagala stated, this kWh meter unit has been tested to be installed on December 21, 2018.

“Hopefully, this 24-hour electricity access can increase economic growth of Sebira Island residents. Because apart from fishing, some residents have home industries in processing salted fish, fish chips, and other seafood products that need electricity to pack their products,” she explained.

Source: Berita Jakarta