Screening for acting Jakarta, Aceh governors underway: minister


More acting regional heads will be installed in the coming months, and Aceh and Jakarta will both have acting governors by July and October this year, respectively, Home Affairs Minister Tito Karnavian has confirmed.

“Aceh will have its acting governor in July, and Jakarta in October. We are currently screening names proposed for the Aceh (acting governor), and we expect that we will have the three candidates’ names by June to be proposed to the President,” Karnavian informed here on Thursday.

To be eligible for acting governorship, candidates are required to be at least serving as echelon I high-ranking officers, he said.

The screening of potential candidates is underway to gauge their background and potential, he added.

“We are currently accepting inputs to screen whether the proposed names have any past issues or not. We will establish the candidates’ profiles to screen the candidates’ potential of committing wrongdoings,” the minister said.

Meanwhile, Home Affairs Ministry’s Information Centre head Benni Irwan said that the office terms of 101 and 170 elected regional heads at all administrative levels will expire in 2022 and 2023.

“Of the 101 regions (this year), there are 7 provinces, 76 districts, and 16 cities. We have started the process of installing acting governors for the first five provinces where the governors’ term of office ended on May 12, 2022,” Irwan informed.

The five acting governors underwent an assessment by some cabinet ministers and heads of government institutions on Monday (May 9), he added.

The ministry official said that the assessment is necessary to study candidates’ backgrounds, while the National Employment Agency (BKN) has also played a role in studying the employment history of candidates.

“(From the assessment), we could learn (about the past issues of the candidates), whether they had been reprimanded earlier or not, and others. For other issues, the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) and other agencies contributed their part; hence, we will get quality acting governor candidates,” Irwan remarked.

Source: Antara News