Schools permitted to conduct restricted direct learning: Minister

Schools are allowed to conduct restricted direct learning in keeping with the health protocols apart from online learning, Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Anwar Makarim stated.

“Once teachers and educational practitioners in each educational institution have completely received the COVID-19 vaccine, they must conduct restricted face-to-face learning,” Makarim noted during the announcement of “Mutual Agreement of Learning Guidelines amid the COVID-19 Pandemic” here on Tuesday.

Schools have to complete the checklist before conducting restricted direct learning. Furthermore, direct learning must be combined with online learning to ensure implementation of health protocols.

“Restricted direct learning is combined with online learning, and both schedules are rotated. Parents may decide if their children are not comfortable (with one of those mediums of learning), so they can decide whether to opt for online learning or send their children to the classroom (at school),” Makarim explained.

Parents can still take the decision for their children to continue studying from home, although schools have resumed restricted direct learning, he remarked.

“The government, regional administration, regional office, and Ministry of Religious Affairs must supervise direct learning at schools,” he remarked.

If, based on supervision, there are any confirmed COVID-19 cases, the government must take over the case and suspend restricted direct learning at schools.

“The government has a policy to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19. Hence, restricted direct learning can be temporarily halted according to the time period stipulated in the policy,” Makarim revealed.

The minister cited as an example that if a region or district is implementing micro-scale activity restrictions (PPKM), then direct learning in such a region has to be temporarily suspended.

“Hence, there are some versions. We do not make face-to-face learning obligatory. However, if any students get infected by COVID-19 at schools, and we continue direct learning, then it is wrong. If there are any infections, we have closed the school for a while, and if certain regions are applying PPKM, direct learning may also be suspended. This is the most important point,” Makarim stated.

Source: Antara News

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