Saudi-RI Commissions work toward boosting anti-corruption cooperation

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Saudi National Anti-Corruption Commission, Nazaha, are working towards intensifying cooperation to avert and eliminate corruption.

To this end, KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo paid a visit to the Nazaha office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Apr 22, Monday.

“The visit was undertaken as a vital part of the international cooperation involving the two anti-corruption institutions,” KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah affirmed in Jakarta on Thursday.

In addition, Diansyah remarked that the KPK-Nazaha agreement covered a crucial aspect of training both institutions’ employees and facilitating the exchange of information and study outcomes.

The KPK’s visit to Nazaha was primarily to review the memorandum of understanding inked between both institutions in 2016.

Diansyah revealed that the KPK and Nazaha also shared their respective experiences on initiatives centering on corruption prevention and eradication in their respective nations.

“We also gained insight into the Etimad system as well as the Saudi Government’s e-Procurement and e-Budgeting system,” he stated.

Within a short period of time, the KPK plans to extend an invitation to Nazaha President Khalid Abdulmohsin Al Mehaisen to pay a visit to Indonesia.

“At the meeting, Khalid Abdulmohsin Al Mehaisen expressed keenness to take a cue from KPK’s successful endeavors in preventing and curbing corruption in Indonesia,” Diansyah noted.

Nazaha Vice President for Strengthening Integrity Bander Abaalkhail and Nazaha Deputy President for Corruption Eradication Abdulmohsen Al Monaif were other attendees at the meeting.

Source: ANTARA News