RT 01/02 Pengadegan Residents Develop Fruit Urban Farming

Ngank Fruit Farmer Group (Poktan) who are the residents of RT 01/02 Pengadegan, Pancoran Sub-district runs fruit urban farming since last year. They grow various fruit trees in the settlement.

Ngank Fruit Poktan Head, Syahrullah admitted, his side wants to be innovative by planting only fruit trees. Currently, there are 25 people who joined Ngank Fruit Poktan.

“There are two fruit planting systems, hydroponic and direct planting. We have melon, watermelon, and tomato for hydroponic and mango, banana, guava, sapodilla, and grape for direct planting,” he stated, Wednesday (3/20).

He explained, some of the fruits will be sold to buy another seeds while the rest will be consumed.

Source: Berita Jakarta