Rp150,000 fine in Gorontalo for not wearing face masks

Gorontalo (ANTARA) – Gorontalo Governor Rusli Habibie has told residents that wearing face masks while venturing outdoors is mandatory and warned that those flouting the rule would be fined Rp150,000.

The sanction would not just apply to individuals but also companies and institutions, which would be fined Rp500,000 if they flout preventive measures mandated by the government’s health protocols, he said here on Thursday.

“To all district heads and city mayors, please socialize the enforcement of health protocols to the public,” he said, adding that those violating the mask-wearing rule and health protocols could also be sanctioned with community service.

District heads and city mayors have also been asked to finish drafting their regulations, as a follow-up to the president’s and governor’s instructions on the handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic, by August 24, 2020, he continued.

The Gorontalo provincial administration has been striving to flatten the curve of confirmed COVID-19 cases, which have tended to surge though the recovery rate has exceeded 72 percent, he explained.

As of August 12 this year, 1,663 COVID-19 cases have been recorded in Gorontalo province. While 42 of the patients have succumbed to the deadly virus, 1,226 others have recovered completely.

At present, 395 inpatients remain hospitalized, Governor Rusli Habibie added.

Many other provincial administrations are also striving to flatten their COVID-19 curve. Aware of the importance of wearing face masks, many city governments have made it compulsory.

The Pekanbaru city government, for instance, has said that those found not wearing face masks while venturing outdoors and in offices will be slapped with administrative sanctions, including a fine of Rp250 thousand-Rp1 million.

The city’s COVID-19 task force has officially imposed administrative sanctions against violators by involving local police, military, and public order agency personnel.

Under the new rules, motorists found violating the face mask-wearing rule will be fined Rp250 thousand, while those venturing outdoors by car without face masks will have to shell out a fine of Rp1 million.

Offenders who fail to pay the fine will have to perform community service for a day. Wearing of face masks has also been made compulsory in several other cities, including Jakarta, to break the chain of coronavirus transmission.


Source: Antara News