Rp 6.9 Billion Allocated To Build Cakung Timur Retention Basin

East Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-department allocates Rp 6.9 billion to build Cakung Timur Retention Basin in the former swamp with depth 3-6 meters and width 3.4 hectares.

While waiting for its auction process, East Jakarta SDA Sub-department Head, Mustajab instructs his personnel to dredge the location using four heavy equipment.

“First, we dredge it until three meters deep. We will add it into five or six meters if the soil contour is good,” he said, Tuesday (1/22).

This dredging is using self-managed funds and planned to be completed in March. Third party who win the auction will naturalize the dredged land. Auction will start between March and April.

“Cakung Timur Retention Basin is needed to prevent inundation in RW 06 Cakung Timur and Jalan Rorotan,” he informed.

Source: Berita Jakarta