Rp 119 Billion Proposed To Buy 75 Dump Trucks

Zczc About 75 new dump trucks type compactor are about to be realized this year.

Jakarta Environment Department Head, Isnawa Adji detailed that those trucks that spend Rp 119 billion consist of 25 units have 15 cubic meters capacity and 50 other units have 6 cubic meters capacity.

“If it is realized, we will have 277 trucks,” he expressed, Friday (1/11).

It is part of the rejuvenation and modernization of old dump trucks.

Compactor truck was chosen, as it is environmentally friendly and able to reduce rotten smell that comes out or garbage water that drips during transportation process.

“It also has a larger capacity than the old model, moreover it’s equipped with a compactor already,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta