Riel Is Key to Promote National Pride and Solidarity

Riel, the Cambodian national currency, has been playing an important role in promoting the national pride and solidarity, and in contributing to the development of trade, investment, financial and economic sectors, underlined a senior official of the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC).

H.E. Mrs. Neav Chanthana, NBC Deputy Governor, said at the celebration of 36th anniversary of Riel Recirculation held in Phnom Penh last Sunday that having seen the important role of Riel, the government and NBC have been implementing policy to promote the use of Riel.

H.E. Mrs. Neav Chanthana affirmed that Riel is now widely circulated in daily trade activities such as settlement in Riel, price tag in Riel, and so on.

Users do benefit from the use of Riel, she said, adding that it reduces money exchange and expense on operations automatically.

According to H.E. Mrs. Neav Chanthana, in the near future NBC will put into use FAST, a new system for money transfers in Riel.

This is the first time that NBC organized the Riel Currency Day under the cooperation with Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia with an aim to encourage the private sector to take part in boosting the use of the national currency.

Source: AKP