RI holds G20 Summit in neutral, impartial manner: Foreign Ministry

Internal Affairs

The Indonesian government held the G-20 Summit in a neutral and impartial manner, the Foreign Ministry stated on Thursday amid the conflict between the West and Russia over the war in Ukraine.

Special Staff to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Strengthening Priority Programs Dian Triansyah Djani noted that the G20 Presidency of Indonesia was impartial and neutral.

“Indonesia fulfills its duties, as the G20 Presidency is based on rules and procedures like the previous presidency,” Djani, concurrently Indonesia’s G20 Co-Sherpa, stated at a press briefing in Jakarta, Thursday.

Djani noted that Indonesia had invited all members of the G20 akin to what was followed during the previous presidency.

“As per the G20 Presidency and in accordance with the previous G20 Presidency, it is a practice to invite all members of the G20. It is the obligation of the G20 Presidency to invite all members,” he noted.

According to Djani, Indonesia is also conducting consultations with all members of the G20, as did Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani while conversing with all members about requisite steps to be taken regarding economic recovery and priority agendas.

He remarked that Indonesia’s G20 Presidency is focused on efforts to address global economic recovery, which is a priority for the world’s population.

It is because at this time, the world has not come out of the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Developing countries still find it difficult to recover their economies, and we are pushing for a global recovery, he affirmed.

Djani stated that Indonesia’s G20 presidency is expected to run well.

“We are conducting consultations with all parties, so that the Indonesian G20 Presidency can run as it should,” he remarked.

Earlier, Professor of International Law at the University of Indonesia Hikmahanto Juwana noted that Indonesia, which will hold the G20 summit in November, has become a focal point of attraction for Russia and the US with regard to the situation in Ukraine.

The US and its allies have urged Indonesia, as the G20 President, to consider Russia’s membership.

“Australia threatened not to attend the summit if Russia did. Meanwhile, the Russian Ambassador confirmed President Putin’s presence in Indonesia,” Juwana stated.

According to Juwana, Indonesia must ensure that all heads of government and heads of state of the G20 members are present at the summit.

Source: Antara News