Revitalization of “rusunawa” to increase availability of housing

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The revitalization of simple rental apartments (Rusunawa) is a solution to increasing the availability of affordable housing in Jakarta, urban observer from the Trisakti University Yayat Supriatna has stated.

“By revitalizing Rusunawa, more people, who cannot afford to have a house in Jakarta, can be accommodated,” Supriatna remarked here on Wednesday.

According to Supriatna, residents, who have been benefiting by living in rusunawa, should not be selfish.

“There are still several other underprivileged people who need rusunawa, and hence, the revitalization is considered important,” he emphasized.

Further, he added that revitalization aims to improve the quality of rusunawa buildings, so that residents will be able to lead a better life.

“If the quality of an old apartment is not improved, it will be dangerous for its occupants,” he pointed out.

He noted that the old residents would be guaranteed to return to living in new buildings of better quality without having to spend a fee.

With regard to the issue of occupants refusing to be temporarily relocated, the owners of rusunawa can communicate the matter with them.

“Anything that is objectionable to the occupants can be communicated to find a way out,” he affirmed.

Meanwhile, Executive Director of the Housing Resource Center Mahditia Paramita also said the revitalization of rusunawa could be a solution to overcoming the limitations of housing in Jakarta.

Source: Antara News