Reporting good news: Saudi Arabia has given the green light to import cows, sheep, and goats from Thailand.

Nonthaburi, Minister of Commerce Informing good news to Thai exporters Saudi Arabia has given the green light to import cattle, sheep, and goats from Thailand after Thai chickens were able to be exported earlier. Give orders to relevant agencies Inform exporters to prepare comply with regulations Increase export opportunities quickly

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, revealed that the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Good news has been communicated through the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and the Royal Thai Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to the Thai government that Saudi Arabia has allowed the importation of live livestock (cows, sheep, goats) for slaughter and raising from Thailand. Animal health certificates are to be used for live livestock exports approved in consultation between the two countries. Importers and exporters can apply for live livestock import permits through the NAAMA platform of the Saudi Ministr
y of Environment, Water and Agriculture. Or you can request information at the National Center for the Prevention and Control of Pests and Animal Diseases. Saudi Arabia

However, this is good news. Continuing the export of Thai cattle, sheep and goats to the Saudi market. after the previous Saudi Arabian Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) or Saudi Arabian FDA has allowed a Thai chicken factory Able to export fresh chicken, processed chicken, cooked chicken into Saudi Arabia completely. Every checkpoint across the country. and ordered the Department of International Trade Promotion and related agencies Notify to Thai entrepreneurs and exporters. Let’s prepare. and comply with the regulations set by Saudi Arabia To increase the opportunity to export Thai cattle, sheep, and goats to the Saudi market quickly.

For Thai-Saudi Arabia trade in 2023, total trade is valued at 8,796.44 million US dollars. Separated into exports worth 2,667.68 million US dollars, imports valued at 6,128.76 million US dollars, and in th
e 4 months of 2024 (Jan.-Apr.), total trade was worth 2,588.76 million US dollars, a reduction of 17.42%, separated into exports. Valued at 926.07 million US dollars, an increase of 11.71% and imports worth 1,662.69 million US dollars, a decrease of 27.89%, etc.

Source: Thai News Agency

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