Repatriated migrant workers asked to follow quarantine rules


Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands The head of the special task force for Indonesian migrant workers’ repatriation has urged workers arriving through Riau Islands to follow the quarantine procedures laid down by the government.

“Indonesian migrant workers who are arriving in Indonesia are expected to follow the quarantine procedures. Do not fret in observing the regulation because the government has properly prepared and arranged more facilities for quarantine,” Brigadier General Jimmy Ramoz Manalu said in Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands.

As of Friday (January 21, 2022), a total of 1,071 repatriated migrant workers have been undergoing quarantine at government facilities or self-quarantining in Riau Islands, he informed.

Around 396 migrant workers have been quarantined at the Hajj Dormitory, 270 migrant workers are staying at quarantine hotels, 261 migrant workers have been placed at the Batam City Government Flats, 71 migrant workers at the BP Batam Flats, and 29 migrant workers at the Batam city P4TKI shelter, he said.


Source: Antara News