Regional governments to partake in climate change funding: Minister

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati urged regional governments to contribute to funding climate change mitigation efforts along with the central government.

“I am optimistic that regional governments would start fulfilling their commitment to funding climate change (mitigation) through their regional budget,” the minister remarked during an online meeting on public funding for climate change mitigation at the national and regional levels to achieve nationally determined contributions (NDC) target in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The central government, through state budget funds allocated to ministries and institutions, spent an average of Rp86.7 trillion on climate change mitigation per year, with 88.1 percent of the funding channeled for green infrastructures, Indrawati pointed out.

“(Part of) the state’s budget spending on regional transfer funds is directed towards supporting the climate change (mitigation) program. We continue to improve the policy for regional transfer funds to better contribute to addressing the challenge of climate change,” she remarked.

Non-physical special allocation fund (DAK) has, so far, been directed to assist local governments in providing trash management services, she noted.

In addition, other transfer funds, including the regional incentive fund (DID), targets lending assistance to regional governments to manage and handle trash in a more sustainable and environment-friendly manner, she remarked.

“We are optimistic of all of Indonesia’s commitments, through the state budget, always being maintained and becoming the show keys. However, of course, they will not be sufficient without the regional governments’ participation,” she stated.

The minister ensured that the government will soon launch a regional climate budget tagging program to be implemented in seven provinces, three districts, and one municipality this year.

Indrawati asserted that Indonesia will be able to realize its commitment to addressing the impact of climate change only if regional governments adopt the principles of accountability and transparency to finance climate change mitigation.

“If regional and central governments harbor credible, transparent, and accountable commitment, we will be able play a global role,” the minister reiterated.

Source: Antara News