Realization of PEN budget reached Rp252.3 trillion in first semester


Jakarta (ANTARA) – Realization of the national economic recovery program (PEN) budget in the first semester of 2021 had reached Rp252.3 trillion, or 36.1 percent of the Rp699.43-trillion ceiling, Raden Pardede, coordinating economic affairs minister’s special staff, stated.

“Realization of the PEN budget has continued to be accelerated and reached Rp252.3 trillion. The government has continued to push to overcome obstacles that arise in the absorption and implementation of the program,” Pardede remarked during an online discussion here, Wednesday.

The PEN budget was for the Family of Hope Program (PKH) at Rp13.96 trillion for 9.9 million poor families (KPM) out of this year’s total allocation of Rp28.31 trillion for 10 million KPM.

For the basic food cards, the realization, as of June 2021, had reached Rp17.75 trillion for 15.9 million KPM, out of the total 2021 allocation of Rp40.19 trillion for 18.8 million KPM.

The realization of direct cash assistance (BLT) in village funds in the first semester had reached Rp4.99 trillion for five million KPM from a total ceiling of Rp28.8 trillion for this year for eight million KPM.

The first semester’s realization also included for pre-employment cards that stood at Rp10 trillion for 2.8 million participants from a total ceiling of Rp20 trillion.

The PEN budget is aimed at improving the purchasing power and boosting economic recovery amid the public’s activity restrictions to curb COVID-19 transmission.

The government has also extended the implementation of governmental incentives through electricity discounts from six months to nine months for 32.6 million customers, with a budget totaling Rp7.58 trillion, comprising Rp5.67 trillion from the budget allocation in the first semester and an additional Rp1.91 trillion.

Ultra-micro productive assistance (BPUM) was also extended to nine months, until September, for additional three million new recipients and with a budget totaling Rp15.36 trillion for 12.8 million micro enterprises.

The cash social allowance assistance was extended by two months, with 10 million KPM and a total budget of Rp18 trillion comprising Rp11.9 trillion from the first semester’s budget allocation and an additional Rp6.1 trillion.

Source: Antara News