Ramadan: Surabaya mayor asks people to comply with health protocols

Internal Affairs

Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi has asked residents to continue complying with the COVID-19 health protocols during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan even though the government has relaxed several restrictions.

“We hope that residents can maintain a sense of kinship and work together in implementing the health protocols during Ramadan,” he said here on Tuesday.

According to the mayor, through mutual cooperation and compliance with the health protocols, Surabaya residents will be able to carry out worship activities during Ramadan smoothly until Eid al-Fitr.

“Hopefully, we can still carry out congregational Eid prayer later,” he said.

Earlier, the mayor had issued Circular Letter Number 451/5599/436.8.5/2022 regarding Guidelines for the Implementation of Worship and Public Order during the 2022 Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

Cahyadi said that worship activities at mosques and musallas (prayer rooms) must be carried out in an orderly manner, in accordance with the COVID-19 health protocols, including wearing masks and washing hands using running water and soap or using hand sanitizers regularly.

Next, people who want to share free food for iftar and suhoor have been asked to distribute them through mosques, musallas, or social and religious institutions in order to avoid crowding, he said.

The mayor also affirmed that the Surabaya city government is cooperating with the National Police (Polri) and the Indonesian Military (TNI) to ensure security during Ramadan and the Eid period, including preventing public entertainment and recreation places from violating the rules regarding opening hours, preventing crowds, as well as taking anticipatory measures against criminal acts on public roads.

Earlier, the Religious Affairs Ministry issued Circular Number 06/2022 on Religious Activities in Places of Worship, allowing places of worship in regions with Level 1 public activity restrictions (PPKM) to open at 100-percent capacity.

The circular also regulates the capacity of places of worship in regions with levels 2 and 3 PPKM. According to the circular, the capacity of places of worship in regions with Level 2 PPKM has been capped at 75 percent and Level 3 PPKM at 50 percent.

Source: Antara News