Radicalism has become the biggest challenge: Kalla

Mataram, W Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) – Vice President Jusuf Kalla remarked that the issue of radicalism has become the biggest challenge to be tackled through the dissemination of Islamic education.

“The development of Islamic values in Indonesia is impressive. The issue of radicalism is among the challenges that we should solve,” Kalla noted here on Saturday.

During the closing ceremony of the Ulama National Meeting of Nahdlatul Ulama 2017 in Darul Quran Bengkel of West Lombok District, Kalla affirmed that radicalism has originated from individuals looking to achieve heavenly rewards instantly.

“It appears as if a person wants to get to heaven by cheating. He wants to get to heaven early,” Kalla said.

Chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama Said Aqil emphasized that the government should respond decisively to radicalism.

“The government cannot fail against the radical movement,” Aqil said.

He added that political parties must be selective and not use religious differences in political elections.

Aqil also noted that the government should budget funds at the Ministry of Religion for the development of Islamic Boarding Schools in Indonesia.

Moreover, the results included the opinion that the country needs the Corruption Eradication Commission.

“The government and law enforcers must support and wage a holy war to eradicate corruption,” Aqil stated.

He handed the results of the national meeting to Vice President Kalla.

Source: ANTARA News