Radiant cooling elegance

Humidity, even in the rainy season, can force some people to stay out of their high-rise comfort zones.

My advice? Get a reliable air cooler to combat heat, and get one that performs as good as it looks. Panasonic’s Sky Wing Series elite inverter aiconditioners are sleek and striking, setting a new standard in air conditioner design. Its new flip ‘sky wing’ directs cool air towards the ceiling. Cooling tests showed that a top sky wing is “better able to direct cool air towards the ceiling.”

Technology allows cool air to naturally glide throughout the room and down the walls, avoiding the usual direct blast some people abhor. Heat, which normally emanates from the ceiling, is removed, including the walls, resulting in an all around coolness spreads in the room space.

When needed, the sky wing includes a fast cooling choice. Panasonic says fast cooling is made possible with sky wing’s high-powered inverter processor called P-Tech, which was intentionally designed to bring on extreme cool air at extra fast speeds.

The engineering design basically allows users to better manage how much and how fast cooling is necessary to bring on a desired room temperature.

The unit’s air blows strategically, keeping your house’s main corners gently cooling without the harsh blower hit, avoiding direct contact, which is particularly helpful for people suffering from asthma, for example.

Panasonic’s aircon line includes a dust sensor, which automatically releases environment-friendly Nanoe-G particles, instantly purifying stale room air when there is high particle concentration. A LED indicator lights up when there is high dust concentration. Nanoe G is a technology that releases negative ions that attach to (dust) particles as small as PM2.5, positively filtering room air.

Panasonic’s Sky Wing aircon series includes newly designed backlit LED remote control for intuitive aircon management, making it simple to regulate room temperature, allowing you to save energy. This is made possible with Panasonic’s thermal enhancement technology, which enables the aircon compressor to achieve maximum cooling frequency in the shortest time activated.

Sky Wing can cool room temperatures down 35 percent faster compared to non-inverter models with high fan designs. Cool air strength is evenly maintained with honeycomb intake grille, increasing suction of hot air from its wider mouth air feed, keeping aircon protected from lengthy usage anomalies. It is a worthwhile upgrade for inverter aircons adjusting to fluctuating temperatures, allowing you to save energy precisely by as much as 65 percent during the onset of the unpredictable tropical rain season in the Philippines.

Source: Tribune