Quraish Shihab calls on Muslims to maintain unity

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Prof. Quraish Shihab in his Idul Fitri sermon at Istiqlal grand mosque in Jakarta on Sunday called on Muslims to maintain unity, both as individuals and in society.

“The unity of the human self consists of the spirit and the body. The unification of the soul and body makes the man intact so that there is no separation between faith and practice, neither feeling nor behavior, deeds with morality, idealism with reality, and these are all complementary parts,” Shihab remarked.

He said that the Eid-al-Fitr man returns to the origin of his creation. He finds firmness in belief. He is strong and wise, always clean, thrifty and in simple life, generous, not insulting and not mocking, not spreading slander, not demanding that is not his rights and not holding back the rights of others.

Further, Shihab reminded that the people should not be deceived by the devils trickery and to experience the bitterness of following the devils deception.

“By celebrating Idul Fitri, we should be aware of the role of Satan and its followers in spreading slander and hoax, and inculcating the ugliness to divide the unity of the nation,” Shihab said.

He said Idul Fitri should be a momentum to foster and strengthen the bonds of unity and integrity, and to unify the relationship of affection between countrymen.

Source: Antara News