Purbalingga regent detained by KPK on charge of corruption

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Purwokerto, C. Java (ANTARA News) – A team of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has nabbed Purbalingga Regent Tasdi on charge of corruption.

The regent, arrested on Monday after being caught red handed in graft case, has been brought to Jakarta for interrogations, KPK spokesman FebriDiansyah said.

KPK also arrested three other accomplices in the case including HdI, head of the Procurement Service Unit of the district administration, TGP, the regents personal guard, and ANB, a businessman.

The KPK team and the suspects boarded the Gajayana train that brought them to Jakarta on Monday night.

H.R. BambangIrawan, the secretary of the Purbalingga branch of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), said he was shocked with what had happened to the regent, who is chairman of the Purbalingga branch of the party.

“The party was concerned with the case involving Tasdi. This should serve as a lesson for other officials to strictly follow the rule,” Bambang said.

He said he was on his way to Semarang to coordinate with the leaders of the partys provincial branch.

FebriDiansyah said the arrest of the regent is over graft related to development projects in Purbalingga.

He said altogether there are six suspects including four arrested in Purbalingga and two in Jakarta identified as NBB and HMD both businessmen.

He said he could not yet give details of the charges against the regent and other suspects, but unconfirmed information said the case was related to development of Purbalingga Islamic Center, a project with 2018 budget.

In Semarang, a Central Java governor candidate Sudirman Said took the occasion to draw the public sympathy saying the Central Java people should give their votes to a candidate having no problem with KPK.

In the coming gubernatorial election Sudirman, who was from the opposition Party Gerindra, is facing popular incumbent GanjarPranowo, who is also a cadre of PDIP and was implicated in a big scandal of electronic identity card corruption. Ganjar has been summoned by KPK for questioning as a witness in the case.

“Only a clean leader could focus on his duty to bring prosperity to the people of Central Java,” Sudirman said.

He pledged if elected governor , there would be no head of district administration involved in corruption.

Source: Antara News