Puan Maharani pushes for fair distribution of vaccines at IPU debate

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House of Representatives (DPR) Speaker Puan Maharani has highlighted the role of Indonesian parliament in handling COVID-19, and pushed for fair distribution of vaccines to all countries at the 143rd Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) General Assembly.

“During almost two years of COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to face an unprecedented global health and socio-economic crisis. Tens of millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty,” she remarked while chairing the general debate of the assembly in Madrid, Spain, as quoted from a statement received here on Sunday.

She chaired the second session of the debate themed ‘Contemporary Challenges to Democracy: Overcoming Division and Building Community’ which was held at Institución Ferial de Madrid (IFEMA) Palacio Municipal, Madrid on Saturday.

Maharani has said that the number of malnourished people is predicted to increase to be more than 800 million people by 2022, while the current COVID-19 vaccine has yet to be evenly disbursed.

Hence, all communities must work together to achieve vaccine equality for everyone and everywhere.

The House speaker has also reminded that the world is currently facing a potential global warming crisis, thus all countries need to strengthen their commitment to mitigation of climate disasters.

“At the same time, developed countries must fulfill their promise to provide financing for climate change,” she emphasized.

In addition, she informed that there were some other issues discussed, such as the humanitarian crisis, as well as political, economic and social security threats due to the pandemic.

She has assessed that democracy resilience was also challenged by COVID-19.

“The postponement of elections has occurred in various countries due to the restriction of people’s movement,” she stated.

Maharani has emphasized that good governance is needed amid the pandemic, hence the parliament must strive well.

According to her, it aims to accommodate people’s aspirations and facilitate dialogue between people with different backgrounds.

“Parliament must maintain a democratic, inclusive, and prosperous society. Parliament must be able to resolve the challenges of our changing world,” she continued.

She said that in times of crisis, parliament must continue to carry out its functions, including carrying out checks and balances to avoid the abuse of power amid the pandemic, and guaranteeing human rights and freedom of expression.

The role of parliament amid the crisis is more significant than prior to be able to maintain public trust in public institutions, hence their policies can be accepted by the people, she said.


Source: Antara News