PT Pindad-Rheinmeta RWMSA sign ammunition production deal

Indonesia’s state-owned company PT Pindad and South African defense company Rheinmetal RWMSA signed a memorandum of understanding on the cooperation to produce small to large caliber ammunition, during the Indo Defense 2016 Expo and Forum in Jakarta.

“With Rheinmetal, it is a deal for (the production of) small to large caliber ammunition. We will start a joint operation with Rheinmetal, especially for production and marketing,” President Director of PT Pindad Abraham Mose said here, Thursday.

Abraham said the cooperation would target domestic and international markets. It will help the company meet ammunition demand from domestic, as well as global markets.

“We have discussed this for quite long and thank God today we can sign the MoU,” he said.

After the MoU is signed, PT Pindad will assemble a team to start working on the deal.

In addition to the cooperation with Rheinmetal, PT Pindad also signed a MoU with Indias Tata Group.

“With Tata Group, it is cooperation for development of a vehicle. As we know, Pindad now has Komodo, then we will continue the cooperation with Indias Tata Group,” he said.

Source: Antara News.