Prosecutor names KJP boss corruption suspect

Saumlaki, Maluku (ANTARA News) – Investigator of State Prosecutor of West Southeast Maluku (MTB) has named JG, the boss of PT. Karya Pembangunan Jaya (KPJ), as a suspect of corruption of the house construction project of the Chairman of the Regional House of Representatives of the district.

MTB Chief Prosecutor Frenkie Son Laku said here on Tuesday that the prosecutor had long established a process of investigation into the case, and the suspect was unable to recover the total state loss at the request of the district government mediated by the prosecutors office.

“At that time, a civil approach has been taken, where the MTB regional government has submitted the case to the MTB State Prosecutor Office to collect the billing less work items that must be returned. After the prosecution has summoned, the contractor is unable to recover the state losses, and investigation practically should go ahead, “he said.

Based on the results of the investigation, prosecutors found total state losses amounting to Rp690,000,000 of some work items not yet done such as hoarding and some other items.

The prosecutor ensnares the suspect with a layered article, including article 2 of the Law on Corruption Number 20 of 2001, which reads “Everyone is against the law, commits enrichment of himself, another person or a corporation that causes the loss of the state or the states economy is punishable by imprisonment live maximum 20 years in prison or at least 2 years in prison with a minimum fine of Rp.150 million and a maximum of Rp. 1 Billion. “

In addition, Article 3 of the Corruption Act, which reads, “Everyone misuses the authority, opportunity, facilities available to him / her due to position or position, self-benefit, other person or a corporation causing loss of State or States economy threatened with imprisonment of at least 1 year and a maximum of 20 years or a lifetime and a minimum fine of Rp.50 million and a maximum of Rp250 million. “

Frenkie ensures that the submission of file from the investigator to the public prosecutor will be done soon, and if all 7 days the documents are declared complete then followed by the second stage submission and subsequently delegated to the Corruption Court in Ambon.

“There is no target I put in. Obviously, if there is a public report then we will follow up and we keep on working honestly,” he said.

Source: ANTARA News