Prince Abdul Aziz nominated as new ISSF president

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The General Assembly of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF) unanimously nominated Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki Al Faisal as its president on Monday in Jeddah, a Saudi official has said.

In his inaugural address to the General Assembly, he promised the delegates from 57 Muslim countries that he would exhaust his energy for the promotion of ISSF activities within Muslim countries, President of the Saudi Arabian Islamic Communication Center Faheem H Alhamid said in message received by Antara here Tuesday.

“We will combine our efforts to improve the value of sports for the achievement our goals and objectives,” the prince said as quoted by Faheem,.

The prince further stressed that ISSF should be active, effective and charismatic in its approach in terms of its programs and tournaments. He was of the view that ISSF had to be creative for the goals.

He disclosed that the future of the ISSF plan has to be aligned with improvement of the international sport through providing financial resources.

In addition, the prince said he will forge partnership with specialised centres and qualify talented youth and the production of creativity.

“We in ISSF will work strongly in enhancing tolerance, moderation and peaceful co existence among the youth of Umma,” he added.

Prince Abdulaziz replaced Turki Al-Sheikh who has resigned recently. Prince Abdul Aziz bin Turki Al Faisal who is the president of Saudi Sport Authority will hold this post till 2021.

The objective of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF) is to supervise organization of a multi-sport event, called the Islamic Solidarity Games that is held once every four years, and to organise tournaments and championships among the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states’ sporting teams. Established in 1985 with its permanent Headquarters in Riyadh, the federation is actively engaged in preparation of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games which will be organized in 2021, in Istanbul,Turkey.

Source: ANTARA News