President urges BPN officers not to apply illegal levies

President JokoWidodo urged the National Land Agencys (BPNs) officers in various regions of Indonesia to stop applying illegal levies on land certificates.

“In terms of land certification, I want to remind the officers not to apply illegal levies,” JokoWidodo said here on Wednesday.

He also called on the BPN officers to serve the community properly and quickly, based on the current regulations.

“There should not be illegal levies. We have established an illegal levies eradication team. The team has arrested the perpetrators who have applied illegal levies,” the president remarked.

The president is scheduled to visit Kubu Raya District, West Kalimantan.

He had earlier delivered land certificates to local inhabitants of the Sanggau and Kubu Raya districts.

He also urged Indonesians to maintain social solidarity, as this was part of the original values of the Indonesian nation.

People should not only talk about social solidarity but also take concrete steps to realize its value, he noted at the commemoration of National Social Solidarity Day in the Central Kalimantan provincial capital of Palangka Raya on Tuesday.

“I would like to stress that we need to feel social solidarity in real terms rather than just talking about it. This means we should really act to help each other. We can begin with ourselves and our families. We must continue to instill and forge social solidarity, the values of Pancasila (the five tenets), and unity in diversity,” he stressed.

Solidarity is a noble value that the Indonesian nation has held since ancient times, so its spirit must be maintained, he stated.

“Commemorating National Social Solidarity Day is actually commemorating the original values of the Indonesian nation. These values have been instilled in our nation long before the country proclaimed its independence. The founders of the country then formulated the values, the five tenets of Pancasila, which serve as the basis for our nationhood and statehood,” he remarked.

The history of the Indonesian nations struggle proves that solidarity is an asset in handling all challenges and ordeals facing the nation, he said.

This solidarity was demonstrated when people from all over the country worked hand-in-hand to help victims of natural disasters in the country, he pointed out.

“But I remind (the Indonesian nation) that they should not merely show social solidarity at the time of natural disasters. We should see social solidarity in our daily lives. We must help each other in our efforts to reduce the social gap, maintain unity and tolerance, and keep tranquility in upholding our nationhood and statehood,” he added.

Source: Antara News