President orders thorough study on plan to move capital city

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo has ordered the National Development Planning Board (Bappenas) to conduct a thorough and comprehensive study regarding plans to move the capital city.

“We have been ordered to conduct a more thorough study. He hopes the city that is chosen will really reflect the ideal model city for Indonesia,” Bappenas head Bambang Brodjonegoro said here on Wednesday.

Bappenes has set a target of finishing the study by the end of this year. Therefore, preparations for the realization of the plan could be carried out after that, he stated.

“If the study is completed in 2017, the minister of public works will prepare a detailed engineering design in 2018 and then preparations to move ahead will be made. The process itself will take time,” he noted.

Bambang did not disclose where exactly the new capital city will be located, but Kalimantan has been mentioned as the target.

He had earlier mentioned a number of potential cities, one of them being Palangka Raya, which is now the capital of Central Kalimantan province.

Palangka Raya was first raised by first president Soekarno in 1950s.

The countrys independence declarer had once visited the city, which is near river Kapuas.

Bambang stated that a team from Bappenas is currently analyzing the criteria of the region, which will be followed by analysis on land availability and readiness, as well as source of financing for the development of the city.

The idea to move the capital city re-emerged due to needs for the development of a new economic center.

Economic activities have so far been considered as being centered in Java, especially in Jakarta.

If the plan is realized, the burden of Jakarta, which has so far been considered too heavy as centers of government, economic, financial and businesses, will be lessened.

Source: Antara News