President lays first stone for Muhammadiyah Museum development

Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the groundbreaking of the Muhammadiyah Museum development, by laying the first stone in the premise of the Islamic Center of the Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD), in Yogyakarta on Saturday.

Jokowi put the first stone followed by Yogyakarta Special Region Governor Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

The museum is aimed at providing comprehensive information on the history and role of Muhammadiyah, promoting exemplary values, pioneering and preserving superior values, and documenting assets owned to build the nations character through information media.

In addition to inaugurating the construction of the Muhammadiyah Museum, the president also gave a public lecture at the University of Ahmad Dahlan by emphasizing that universities innovate to provide education and teaching.

“Do not let us be linear, do not dare to make breakthroughs, do not let us work monotonously, and do not realize that the change is already there; we must dare to make changes,” explained Jokowi.

According to the president, it takes innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit for Indonesian people to win the competition, both nationally and globally.

The Head of State also proposed that the method of learning outside the classroom can be interpreted and entered into the curriculum.

In addition, he also asked academics to foster the character of the country to promote harmony and deliberation.

“Of course, the character of our nation, which holds the values of religion and culture, must also be developed; otherwise, our children will be westernized because of learning from smartphones and social media,” he explained, adding that education to improve the work ethics need to be imparted to the students of Indonesia.

A number of officials who accompanied the president at the event include the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Haedar Nashir; Minister of Research, Technology and High Education Mohamad Nasir; Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy; and Rector of UAD Kasiyarno.

After the first stone-laying event of the Muhammadiyah Museum, Jokowi and his entourage departed to Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang, Central Java Province, at 14.45 local time, to attend a post-fasting Halal bi Halal gathering at Nasima YPI (Islamic Development Foundation).

Source: Antara News